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Kelly Reddington

Kelly Reddington

Making candles has been a family hobby and holiday tradition since the early 1900′s.

In 2003, at the tender age of 14, Kelly Reddington decided to go into business… only one problem held him back – He wasn’t old enough to be the sole owner of a bank account let alone a business. So, with the help of his Mother, he set up shop. She was his coach, his mentor, and his business partner, and together, they provided the community with a quality product as well as superior customer care.

Today, in 2013, Altered Seasons is 10 years old and stronger than ever.

“One day I was thinking about how odd it was that there were no Procter & Gamble’s of social enterprise. I had this business that I started with my Mom when I was 14, and now that I was running it solely, I felt that I couldn’t just run another business – that it needed something else, something that would not only fit my needs as a person, to have purpose, but the customers’ needs as well. The more I thought about it, the more I wanted to change the company to a 1-for-1 model. I didn’t know exactly what we would give, and we first started out with giving away Citronella candles to help fight Malaria, you know, the candle scent that keeps the bugs away. Then I was reading in my local newspaper about Poverty in America and how it was on the rise and how it affects children in school. That article really hit home. My mom teaches science at a local middle school, so she and I discussed the article, and she told me how, when kids are hungry, they can’t focus and their grades as well as their behavior suffers – and that’s when it hit me. We have to feed these kids! If they aren’t getting proper nutrition, they can’t adequately perform in school, and if they can’t perform in school, they end up either dropping out in high school, or falling so far behind that they are placed in remedial courses, not because of their capabilities, but because their bodies are in a catabolic state as opposed to an anabolic state, you know, the good one. How many kids are missing out on life because they suffer from Hunger? We don’t know exactly, but we do know that we can make a difference.”

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